The Sound Song
Awesome song explaining the theory of sound. Tacy and friends then performed the song at the Grace Luther  School Talent Show
Our 2013 Christmas Village
Our first Charlotteville! At Christmas, Mr. Tacy would assemble Charlotteville.. So much fun for all the little kids.. I was very pleased to be the recipient of the village and attempted to put together a little of it this year. Next year we already have plans to almost triple the space!! Yay!
“You just gonna stare at me, or you gonna get me a snack?”
Duck Dynasty- Jase and Missy
  A short video with Jase and Missy from Duck Dynasty… AWESOME!
Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church
November 3rd is the International Day of Prayer for the all those persecuted for their christian faith around the world. This video tells the very disturbing story of a recent tragedy in Nigeria by extreme Muslims.. it is just one of many that happen around the world everyday by many extreme groups against those of […]
New Ringtone Notifications
Hey I updated my collection of Ringtones and Notifications! Below you can use the player to preview and Right-Click the Download link to download All my ringtones and notifications can be found Here: Ringtones | Notifications     Here’s the latest additions: Minion Chuckle from Despicable Me (Download) Rubber Ducky Squeak (Download) Sneeky Cartoon Sound (Download) Under […]
Constructing The Golden Gate Bridge
  A few times a year we host students from France and one of the main activities is visiting San Francisco. Besides the shopping, they can’t wait to see the Golden Gate Bridge. And Why not? It still fascinates me. Recently I came across an article on the construction of the bridge what follows is a […]
Celebration of the Life of Mr. Tacy (Bob)
Today we gathered with friends & family to remember & celebrate the life of Bob Tacy. From early childhood I never doubted that God existed, I never wondered if there was a heaven.. because God has always surrounded me with a “cloud of witnesses”.The first was this man, “Mr. Tacy”. He took the snotty kid […]
FlashMob Bavarian Style
This Rocks!
Building the New RC Track!
So we are building an RC Track out at Jeremy’s family property. Just getting started, but of course you gotta test it all the way thru, right!
Tribute To Church Techs Everywhere!
This just came across my twitter feed, hilarious! HAT-TIP to @surlychurchtech (follow him!)
Build it and they will come!
Well its Sunday night and half the missionaries are here. The rest will be here tomorrow. The tech guy (James, aka ‘the phone guy’) here at the castle, loaned me his mountain bike.. yay! I am loving it as it is one of the beautiful places to ride!
Sunday Beautiful Sunday!
Lunch is over and now the missionaries start to arrive!
Getting Our Marching Ordered
Here we are on Saturday morning and Becky is telling us how the day will go. Can’t wait to get at it with James, Isaac and the others on the media team.
Well we made it and just in time for dinner. It was very good to see everyone again! I just got to my pension and unpacked. Here is my view out my window…
Schnitzel das good!!
Well with only 2 hours of sleep last night on the plain we got settled into our hotel here in Munich and walked to a place nearby by and had some great weiner schnitzel and potatoes and of course Coke light and no ice (come on is nice!).
Hitting the Road!
Well we are off! Next stop SFO to get on a plane… Not just any plane of course, one that will take us to London.. From London to Munich, Germany… Then we hop on a train to Spittal, Austria where they will pick us up and take us to Millstatt!
Getting Ready For Austria
Well Wednesday I am off to London then Munich then the Castle @ Millstatt Austria for a couple of weeks. I will be helping with audio and video stuff during their annual conference. Sad that this time I will not be joined by wife… Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting some new ones! […]
VBS 2012!!
We second day int this years massive VBS here at Calvary. Wow hard to believe it will all be over in a few days This years theme was PandaMania..God Is Wild About You. As we have been doing we produced 5 video’s one for each day’s theme. This years cast was phenomenal!  And we added a new ingredient.. […]
Ronald Reagan- Man of Faith
  I recently came across this video below (Inspiration? Flag Day) and perhaps you’ve seen it. Sure I am a fan of President Reagan, but it’s much more than that. It’s about where we are as a country right now, could we elect a President that espoused these truths TODAY? And if not, the question is […]