On April 7th our latest exchange student arrived from France!

From April 8th:

“Hannah arrived last night and all is going well, she is very sweet! It is like Christmas for Tacy she is excited! We go to San Francisco tomorrow, tonight ROCKBAND!”





Guns are illegal in France… so naturally,
we let Hannah shoot one!




Dinner Conversation- Mona Lisa, French Traffic and Horses:



Off to Monterey for a visit to Cannery Row and the aquarium. Then a quick stop at Seaside beach for some fun. We then headed home by way of the The Great Mall in San Jose. A very good and long day!




Well we had a wonderful time and Tacy gained a sister!  Hannah was very special and we are a better family for having her with us. Some have asked why Bob? Hannah’s first experience with the Wii was her first night here and she chose a Mii called Bob, naturally I could not let that go… We Love You Bob!



Goodbye Hannah…