For the last couple of years my wife and her friend Shelby sent myself and Neil (Shelby’s husband) to a Giants game for our birthday/fathers day gifts. Little did they know that this year they would send us to witness history! Last night for the first time in Giants History (130 years) and only the 22nd time in all Major League Baseball history (143years) a “Perfect Game”… Matt Cain was perfect! 27 up and 27 down! He struck out over half the batters he faced (14 strikeouts) which ties him with Sandy Koufax as the most strikeouts in a perfect game.

Virtually the entire sell-out crowd of over 42,000 stayed until the end, and everyone were on their feet the entire last 3 outs. With every pitch the crowd was LOUD! And if it was a fly ball you can here a pin drop only to erupt into¬†absolute¬†insanity and emotion. In my video you get the real since of this as the microphone gets so distorted one moment then the collective silent anxiety of anticipation of what could be history! Then it happens… a ground ball to Arias at third base, he scoops it, stumbles a bit and throws to Belt for the out! THE PERFECT GAME!

After the game, in an interview that they broadcast live on the scoreboard, Matt Cain praised his catcher, Buster Posey. And why not, we would learn later that not one time did Cain shake-off a pitch that Buster called for. Buster called every pitch of the game. Also Cain praised his teammates for there defense. Two great catches at the warning track, one by Melky in left field and one phenomenal diving catch by Blanco in right-center field. Crawford and Arias both made difficult stops in the infield.

20 years from now a million people will say they were there to witness Matt Cain’s Perfect Game, as for myself and Neil… yeah, we were there too!